Network Security Threats: What Should You Look Out For?

Trying to keep up with network security threats is a Herculean task sometimes when it seems new issues pop up every week. Many cyber threats continue to evolve into more malicious viruses and hacking concerns. While you may think some of these problems wouldn’t bother a business, it ultimately affects all of us. Some network security threats out there could easily have ripple effects across a broad spectrum.

As a business, you perhaps worry yourself about what the latest threats are to your private data. Some businesses choose to stay complacent to our new dangerous reality. While this may give more peace of mind in some respects, it’s playing a major risk game.

The above is especially true if your business uses mobile technology for a large part of your work. It’s also true on a more connected level since we’re connecting virtually everything to a cyber network.

All of this is a reminder to look into what’s going on and find some security solutions. Let’s look at some of the worst threats for this year so you can seek better IT security as a safeguard.

Ransomware Continues to Evolve

Reports say that ransomware willnetwork security 1 small continue being one of the worst network security threats worldwide. It’s already been a problem for many businesses going back several years. Now, it’s evolving to a dangerous place using psychological tricks.

If you’ve never heard of ransomware, it’s when a hacker hijacks your network and demands a ransom to get your files unlocked. Using these extortion techniques, it places businesses under pressure to either do nothing or pay the ransom.

Paying the ransom doesn’t always guarantee you’ll get your files back either. Unfortunately, the newest threat is these attackers using more psychological tricks to scare their victims. Fear is a major secret weapon in network security. Now it’s gone to levels you can combat by using proper IT management.

Malware Through Apple

For years, Apple was immune to the worst malware. Things are starting to change this year as hackers and virus makers try to exploit iOS as much as possible.

This last year, you may have heard about malware called YiSpecter infecting many iOS devices. While this mostly affected those in Asia, it was a harbinger of things to come. Plus, it doesn’t include another malware called XcodeGhost that recently infected many of Apple’s apps.

These threats to iOS are only going to continue and increase. Businesses are the likely targets who continue to use Apple mobile devices as part of their BYOD policies.

In the event you use a BYOD policy, getting fortified with the best IT security should become a top new year priority.

Threats to Mobile Payment Systems

There was plenty written last year about how malware would become a major issue for mobile wallets. This could spread exponentially in the months to come as you and other businesses start using more mobile payment systems.

Malware authors will likely attempt to go after popular mobile payment options like Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, and Android Pay. With this, you can see yet another possible security challenge for seemingly invincible Apple.

Yet, under guidance of quality IT management, proper encryption and other safeguards can get put in place.

Why IT Management Prevents the Worst Threats

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