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Google Apps for Work (formerly Google Apps for Business & Google Enterprise) has come a long way in developing its suite of business focused applications and is a viable competitor to the long standing leader, Microsoft.  

TVG Consulting offers Google Apps consulting and expertise for businesses.

With tons of 3rd party integration capabilities, a host of flexible, user-friendly applications and leading the pack in mobility, we were early adopters of Google Apps. 

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While the capabilities are fantastic, adopting and using Google Apps is not as simple solution as it’s made to appear. Understanding which SaaS tools integrate with each other, how they affect compliance, managing growth and end user support still take a great deal of work. That’s where TVG comes in…

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We help Los Angeles & Nashville area companies implement, integrate and manage Google Apps for Work so that they can take advantage of their favorite cloud IT Support apps while enabling their workforce to do anything, anywhere…all without the need for large capital expenses to get started.

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Google Apps for Work FAQ

“We really appreciate what TVG has allowed us to do – working from home securely, recalling important data when we need it, and allowing us to retrieve and collaborate on important documents on our mobile devices in the field.”

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What is Google Apps for Work?

Google Apps for Work is a specific set of Google applications, purpose built for business and team use. 

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The entire suite of tools encompass the core capabilities most organizations need to operate, such as collaboration, communication, file storage, user management and security features.

What features come with Google Apps for Work?

Here are the core cloud-based features of Google Apps for Work:

Perfect solution for Communication

  • Gmail
  • Google Hangouts
  • Google Calendar
  • Google+

File Storage

  • Google Drive


Administration & Management

  • Google Admin
  • Google Vault

Why do companies use Google Apps for Work?

The appeal of Google Apps for Work among business owners and IT professionals is hinged on 3 primary benefits:

  • It operates entirely in the cloud, utilizing a reasonable Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) subscription model. This effectively eliminates the need for physical servers and thus, large upfront expenses.
  • There are thousands of 3rd party software tools that easily integrate with Google Apps, expanding an organization’s ability to stay mobile while expanding capabilities.
  • The learning curve is often much shorter as employees are typically already familiar with the primary apps, like Gmail and Google Calendar.

What Google Apps services does TVG offer?

Under our Managed Cloud Services, we help L.A. businesses with the following Google Apps for Work items:

  • Adoption/Implementation
  • Integration of other Apps
  • Compliance & Viability Consultation
  • Day-to-Day Support of Employees
  • Cloud Vendor Management