IT Services for Manufacturing Companies

Empowering Growth and Ensuring Compliance Through Managed IT Solutions

We offer IT support for:

Providing Trusted IT Support to Manufacturing Companies for 10+ Years

TVG CONSULTING has been a cornerstone of IT support for the manufacturing sector for over a decade. We’re not just IT specialists; we understand the critical nature of your operations running uninterrupted around the clock. In the fast-paced, automation-driven manufacturing world, our bespoke IT solutions and strategic business continuity planning are designed to enhance your network’s efficiency and safeguard your cybersecurity, ensuring your workforce and your systems remain protected.

Recognizing the indispensable role of compliance and CMMC best practices, we commit to elevating your projects from inception through to your suppliers, vendors, and customers. We aim to shield your bottom line with cloud-based or onsite solutions tailored to your needs.

Our Managed IT Services include:

  • Proactive IT network monitoring with 24/7 response times
  • Gap assessment and compliance support for CMMC, NIST, and ISO 2700
  • Advanced cybersecurity services
  • Comprehensive data backup and disaster recovery plans
  • Growth management and advisory services on efficient IT spend
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The Benefits of Using IT for Manufacturing Companies

Proactive Network Monitoring and 24/7 Response

We ensure minimal downtime through systematic updates, proactive network analysis, and around-the-clock monitoring, solving problems before they impact your operations.

Gap Assessment and Compliance Support

TVG Consulting stands out by offering comprehensive support for CMMC, NIST, and ISO 2700 compliance, assisting manufacturers in meeting and maintaining these crucial standards.

Advanced Cybersecurity

Our cybersecurity solutions go beyond traditional antivirus software, utilizing endpoint detection and response (EDR) and a suite of advanced security measures to protect against cyber threats.

Comprehensive Data Backup and Disaster Recovery Plan

We help manufacturers develop and implement robust backup and disaster recovery plans, ensuring quick recovery from data loss incidents and minimizing downtime.

Proactive Growth Management and Efficient IT Spend

TVG Consulting helps you optimize your current IT systems, advise on upgrades, and implement new technology solutions that align with your budget and manufacturing processes.

TVG Consulting’s deep understanding of the manufacturing industry’s challenges and opportunities positions us as a key partner for companies looking to leverage technology for growth, efficiency, and compliance. With our support, manufacturers can confidently navigate the complexities of the modern business landscape.

Manufacturing Companies

Working with TVG Consulting has been an absolute pleasure. Their team is knowledgeable, friendly and always available to help with our managed IT services. They have become a trusted partner, always suggesting new technologies and providing fast response times. Their expertise in cyber security has given us the peace of mind to focus on growing our business. We couldn't be happier with the level of service they provide, and we highly recommend them to any manufacturing company.


CEO of Johnson Manufacturing

As a small manufacturer, it can be challenging to keep up with technology. That's why we are grateful to have found TVG Consulting. Their managed IT services have been a game-changer, providing us with the support we need to stay competitive. The team is always available to help and always suggests new technologies to improve our workflow. The cyber security services have been a lifesaver, giving us peace of mind that our sensitive information is secure. We are so thankful to have TVG Consulting as a partner.


Owner of Smith Industries

TVG Consulting has been a true partner to our manufacturing company. Their team has a personal touch that makes all the difference. They understand the unique needs of our business and always provide fast response times and expert advice. The managed IT services have greatly improved our daily operations, and the cyber security services have been a valuable addition. We appreciate their help with our supply chain demands and their suggestions for new technologies to keep us ahead of the competition.

Mike Misik

COO Of Belco Manufacturing

As a fast-growing manufacturing company, we have relied heavily on TVG Consulting for our IT support. Their managed IT services have been a lifesaver, providing fast response times and expert advice. The team has a personal touch that makes working with them a pleasure. Their knowledge of new technologies has allowed us to stay ahead of the curve, and their cyber security services have given us the peace of mind to focus on growing our business. We are proud to have TVG Consulting as a partner.


CEO of Green Manufacturing

We have been working with TVG Consulting for several years and they have been a critical component of our success. Their managed IT services have improved our productivity, and the team is always available to help. The fast response times and expert advice on new technologies have allowed us to stay ahead of the competition. The cyber security services have given us peace of mind that our sensitive information is secure. We appreciate their help with our supply chain demands and their personal touch that makes them a trusted partner.


CFO of ISC Manufacturing

TVG is incredible! All the guys, Garett, Mark, Edgar, George, etc, are awesome! Every support ticket placed is answered incredibly fast, with the issues or questions getting solved or answered within that day, or most times, on the spot. All new devices and equipment needing network support and / or connections, are set up accurately and correctly the first time, creating zero issues from then on. As an example to their immediate response as well, Mark was even available on a Saturday for some over-the-phone consultation, and George even physically came into the office that same Saturday to repair the issue at hand. These guys are great and I can't recommend them enough!!!

Kristian Nelson

INNO Care Manufacturing

It seemed like everyday we were going down. Virus this and internet that. TVG came in, made some great suggestions and implemented them immediately. We finally got a firewall to improve our data security and with their remote data backup services, we don’t have to worry about our data being lost.

Rosalyn Patachi

GM | Orlando Hotel

As a production company, it's essential that our technology and processes are functioning seamlessly. That's why we rely on TVG Consulting for their managed services. The response time from their team of technical experts is unmatched. Whenever we have a technical issue, they are on it immediately, providing a solution that gets us back up and running in no time. This level of responsiveness has been critical to our success and has allowed us to meet tight deadlines and deliver high-quality content. I can confidently say that without the support of TVG Consulting, we wouldn't be where we are today. I highly recommend their managed services for anyone in the entertainment industry who needs fast and reliable technical support.

TVG Consulting has transformed the way our company operates. Their managed IT services have increased our productivity tenfold and we've never been more secure thanks to their top-notch cyber security services. We highly recommend them!

The team at TVG Consulting is extremely responsive and always there to help us with any IT or security issues that arise. Their services have protected our company assets and allowed us to focus on what we do best - running our business.

Before working with TVG Consulting, managing our IT and security was a constant headache. But since partnering with them, we've seen a noticeable improvement in our overall productivity and peace of mind knowing that our assets are in good hands.