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Seamless Media Post-Production IT in a Remote Work Environment

The past few years have seen exponential growth in remote staff being able to be productive and reliable members of their team with only a laptop computer to connect them. At TVG Consulting, we see all of the challenges that a Post-Production teams face in this remote environment:

Poor Connectivity

Cybersecurity Risks

Inadequate IT Support

Digital Storage Solutions

Lack of Certified AVID Technicians

Slow Technician Support for End Users

No Sense of Urgency for Completing Projects

We Know When to Use the Jargon

IT doesn’t have to be some other language you have difficulty understanding, that’s just how some companies operate. At TVG Consulting, we ditch the geek speak and talk to you in terms you understand.


The only time we’ll turn on the IT jargon is when we’re working on your behalf with the Internet company. We have helped clients by mediating conversations, especially with their Internet provider and have been able to get improved services. We’ve been able to get improved services benefiting our clients’ remote users, saving them all that frustration trying to edit. Our team will always go the extra mile to make sure you get your team the quality Internet they need to be effective.

professional virtual connection
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Avoid the Dreaded Red Screens

Post production teams that use remote graphics programs will know very well the consequences of poor internet connectivity: the Red Screen. When these programs break down, due to minimized bandwidth, your user suffers with red screens, pixelation or the spinning wheel of death.


An interruption to workflow is an interruption to creativity. Your speed and connection quality affect your creative productivity as much as it affects your team’s ability to seamlessly collaborate and deliver on time. By improving your team’s connectivity, TVG Consulting will help eliminate these interruptions keeping your edit days on time and on budget.

Down Speed and Up Speed: What do these mean?

You may hear your provider use these terms or someone may ask you if you know your download and upload speed. While you aren’t able to control these speeds, you can test them with an Internet Speed Test and take measures to improve them. Everyone knows Download speed but did you know your Upload speed is even more important to your remote staff? The upload speed is how many Megabits per second it takes to upload a file AND send program commands to a remote computer thru the internet. Generally, your upload speed will be lower than your download speed, and this is capped by internet companies.


Remote graphics applications such as HPZ Central or Jumpdesk, require good Upload speeds to provide the bandwidth required to run editing programs like Avid Media Composer or Davinvi Resole function successfully remotely. This success is directly affected by your up and down speeds.

cloud edit demand
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Dedicated Support 24/7

In Film & Music Post-Production, we know there aren’t typical work hours. TVG provides 24/7 support for your team. All the IT responsibilities that usually get saddled to the Assistant Editor are handed over to our dedicated team of professionals:


  • Cybersecurity: Both prevention and recovery are priorities in cybersecurity. We help protect your team and your data digitally while training your team to be effective security measures against threats as well.
  • Real-time Support: Our US-based team is always available to help you in a crisis. We’ll determine where the problem is and help you fix it remotely.
  • Starters and Enders: Our version of onboarding helps your new team members get up to speed quickly and literally. We check their Internet capabilities at home and make sure they align with what is required to function seamlessly as part of your remote team.
  • Cloud Storage: Post-production teams need a lot of digital storage and managing collections of files securely is easier with a team of professionals helping support your digital infrastructure.

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