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Let’s face it, fixing computers and keeping your network running is not rocket science…but it does require expertise, resources and time. Yet, what’s missing in most small to mid-size businesses in Los Angeles and Nashville is the the role of professional IT management (NOT the guy on call who has a screwdriver and a bag of spare parts or an employee’s millennial nephew who can sometimes fix things). We’re talking about professional IT management by technicians dedicated to the craft. Our Managed Services are purposely built to proactively maintain your IT infrastructure, day-to-day tech support, network security and ongoing technology strategy – all for one flat monthly fee.

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Catherine Stribling

VP Finance | MPH Entertainment

“TVG is fantastic at monitoring our systems to prevent potential problems, though when one does slip between the cracks, they are right on it to get us back up and running. We have very little down time interrupting our workflow.”

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What is managed services?

Over the past several years, there have been several definitions passed around for what “Managed IT Services” is. We think Wikipedia offers one of the shortest and clearest definitions:

“Managed services are the practice of day-to-day IT management responsibilities and functions as a strategic method for improving operations and cutting expenses.”

All technical stuff aside, this is exactly what our Managed IT Support Service plans are designed to do: make your business faster, leaner and more focused.

Why do companies use managed services?

Managed IT Services have become a popular IT solution for several reasons (which we’ve listed below) but the most common of those reasons is SANITY. We can all agree that crashed network can turn a Buddhist Monk into a raging psychopath, so making sure it works is critical.

Companies maintain their sanity by using Managed Services to solve some very common IT problems:


  • Unpredictable Expenses – Nothing is worse than getting billed all kinds of fees at unpredictable times and for ambiguous reasons. Managed Services turn the hourly/parts/labor/talent mess into a well organized, predictable monthly fee.
  • No Accountability – Hourly based IT contractors have zero incentive to do things right the first time. After all, the more they work, the more they make, so companies become dependent on their work ethic and character in hopes that they do a good job. Then consider that there may multiple independent contractors working on their network, all with different ideas, methods and no understanding of what the other has done. Since Managed Service Providers are paid a fixed-fee, they have to fix things quickly and correctly because wasted time and incompetence eat into their profits. Plus, by centralizing all technicians and consultants, the IT professionals are always on the same page when it comes to your network and strategy.
  • Ad-Hoc Security – Protecting company and customer data from online and physical threats is a 24/7 job that requires both technology and human effort. Since hourly or break/fix IT contractors are paid when things go wrong, it’s unrealistic to expect them to protect a company’s network proactively or during “off-hours” (nobody likes to work for free). Managed Service Providers have to proactively monitor and protect their client’s networks because any unforseen issues mean they must dedicate more talent and time toward fixing the problem, which given their fixed-fees mean that they actually lose money.

What determines managed services pricing?

Okay, so fixed monthly fees are great but how much are those fees and how are those fees determined?

Managed IT Service plans can be priced based on any number of factors, including network complexity, office locations, etc. However, most all Managed IT Services agreements are priced on one straight-forward factor: The number of full-time employees you have.

Experienced IT companies use this number as a solid indicator as to what it will take to support and manage your technology each month, and thus what it will cost each month as well. With TVG, the actual monthly quote you receive will be much lower than if you were to hire in-house for those same capabilities while also granting better coverage than hourly contractors.

Why choose TVG for managed services in Los Angeles and Nashville?

Here are 5 reasons why you should engage in a Managed Service plan with our team at TVG Consulting (aside from our decades of IT experience):

  • Our People – We don’t hire people we don’t like and neither do you. At the end of the day, you’re working with a person to solve your tech problems, so we make sure that person is awesome by hiring super talented people we like and our clients love.
  • Less Downtime / More Hustle – Productivity is one of the best fuels for business growth, so we proactively ensure your tank is full and unexpected crashes are avoided.
  • Full-Time Data Security – Like a nerdy pit bull in a junk yard, we’re there 24/7 to ward off intruders and thieves looking for an easy pick.
  • Budget Control – Surprise birthday parties are great. Surprise invoices are not. We make sure all of the more frequently used services you need are bundled into your Managed Services plan in order to avoid the not-so-cool surprises.
  • Where You Grow, We Grow – Much like those 80’s spandex workout pants you’ve hidden in your closet, we’re guaranteed to be a perfect fit – regardless of how much you grow (or shrink).

What's included in TVG's managed IT services plans?

Not all Managed IT Service Providers (MSPs) offer the same services within their Managed Service plans, so it’s good to check on what you get for your monthly fee. Here at TVG, we start with a “soup-to-nuts” approach to ensure that your company is efficient, secure and agile. We also tailor our Managed Service plans for organizations that have more sophisticated or particular IT needs.

Here’s what you can expect when engaging in our Managed Services:

  • Proactive technology management through centralized services for security (patch management, anti-spyware and malware management, spam management), desktop/laptop optimization, documentation, email management, voice services and data backup administration.
  • Network Administration, including network monitoring, through a dedicated network administrator for a technology checklist, best practices and a centralized service report review.
  • Technology consulting through a dedicated Technology Account Manager and fractional Chief Information Officer delivering a technology roadmap, regularly scheduled network checkup visits and strategic and budgetary planning.
  • Support services through our internal client end-user support desk team for help desk support, on-site support, problem identification and resolution, knowledge base, client portal and mobility support.
  • Our fixed-fee services are predictable and scalable as an organization grows or right sizes.