Uncomplicated Cybersecurity
for Los Angeles & Nashville Area Businesses

Every organization in the Los Angeles or Nashville area can have the essential services needed to reduce the risk of security threats and support their compliance requirements. Our 4-pillar program provides a full spectrum of cybersecurity services and takes the guesswork out of covering the right security measures at each key level of your network.

Our 4-Pillar Cyber Protection Program Stops Cyber Criminals In Their Tracks


Devices are a weak point in your network because they may allow easy access to attackers if they are poorly managed. With this core program, our team completely manages security patching and essential updating of servers and firewalls. Our Network Operations Center professionals offer these and other key network infrastructure support to your team. Systems administration services gives you the control and knowledge to modify your main network resources in a secure manner.


Shoring up the most likely point of entry for cyberattack begins with the devices your employees use. This core program provides device patching, dark web email address monitoring, harmful web content screening, and security against virus and malware attacks. Supporting your endpoint devices with a Security Operations Center involves monitoring, alerting, and remediation services. You can add help desk services to provide staff with 24/7 access to knowledgeable IT support.

Risks and Compliance

When responding to a security incident, a reliable backup and disaster recovery solution are essential to keep your business safe. A ransomware attack concern is not only the cost of ransoming your data back, but the lost revenue of downtime and data loss is almost incalculable. This core program anticipates your recovery needs in the wake of an attack with fully managed backup and disaster recovery services for local or cloud-based systems. Expert assistance from the Network Operations Center includes enhanced ransomware protection and backup validation.

Disaster Recovery

Real-time monitoring enhances your security posture and enables compliance. This core program employs a variety of cutting-edge Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) technologies, including an AI-based, adaptive defensive strategy. It automates advanced cyber threat prevention, detection, containment, and response in addition to data collection and analysis across devices.

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The Path to Better Cybersecurity
for Los Angeles & Nashville Area Businesses

Using the right managed program for your cybersecurity is important, but you also need a provider relationship that’s built on responsiveness and accountability for results. Our service delivery model is a comprehensive, multi-level program designed to address and manage the fundamental elements of cyber risk. We focus on creating an industry-recognized framework for improving your cybersecurity and our team builds a service relationship with trust at its core.


Learning about your organization is the first step on the path to success. We make it our business to know yours. We build a thorough understanding of your business drivers and the unique aspects of operations and culture to help us properly align our security recommendations with your needs.

Cyber Risk Assessment

Knowing the current vulnerabilities to your security is critical to providing actionable insights into the specific risks within your network infrastructure. An accurate assessment of your risk is the cornerstone for building an effective cybersecurity strategy.

Systems Remediation

Following through on our findings, we develop and implement a plan to mitigate your exposure to ever-evolving threats. We lay the foundation for improving your security posture by employing the right combination of industry best practices, processes and technology.

Managed Threat Detection & Response

Combating emerging cyber threats requires more than just a prevention-based approach. We protect your IT environment with an advanced system of proactive threat-monitoring and detection, expert analysis and rapid incident response.

Ongoing Risk Management

Organizations are dynamic with many ongoing concerns like compliance, business processes, employees and technology that constantly change. We continuously provide the assessment and analysis services needed to maintain a strong security posture as you evolve and grow.

Virtual CISO

Every organization should have a chief information security officer (CISO); yet few have the resources. Our advisory services provide the benefits of an executive security professional, including strategic planning, program development and budgeting guidance.

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