Recap of Announcements from Microsoft Ignite 2017

This year's Microsoft Ignite event conference for IT developers and professionals covered a lot of ground. The company made many announcements concerning significant technological advancements in new and upcoming products.These include new features for the Azure cloud platform, machine learning, the Microsoft 365 bundle and new cybersecurity for Office 365, Azure and Windows 10.The…

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Virtualization: VMWare vs. Microsoft Hyper-V

Virtualization is the biggest trend in IT today. Virtualization will account for 98 percent of spend on IT growth by 2020. This increased spend in virtualization will provide more efficient, cost-effective ways to reduce downtime, gain IT productivity, increase hardware savings, and so much more. In an effort to decide what makes virtualization so successful,…

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A Comparison of Google Apps for Business and Microsoft Office 365

It’s time to ditch your bloated old business software solution. Today’s cutting-edge companies know that when it comes to creation, collaboration, storage, and more, nothing beats the cloud. Cloud services, which live online and get delivered on demand to employees’ machines, provide easy, scalable solutions for companies as small as…

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