16 Critical Questions You MUST Ask Before Hiring an IT Company

If your current IT person or the IT Service provider you’re considering can’t answer a confident “yes” to all 16 of these questions, it’s time to look for someone that can.


OVERVIEW: This guide explains in non-technical terms what you need to look for when outsourcing your IT support, as well as cost-saving strategies, insider tips and 16 revealing questions you MUST ask any computer consultant before giving them access to your computer network.

Inside this guide:

ü  The single most expensive mistake most small business owners make when hiring IT consultants.

ü  The surprising reason most small businesses fall victim to sub-standard support.

ü  What some IT consultants are doing to take advantage of business owners (and how to make sure you’re not one of them).

ü  How to avoid expensive computer repair bills and get all the computer support you need for a low, fixed monthly rate.

ü  BONUS CHECKLIST: IT Performance Assessment


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