Why You Need Managed IT Services: Less Downtime to More Scalability

The concepts behind managed IT services have evolved considerably over the last decade, though the true reasons for having it have never been more essential. As the business world continues to become more complex due to increasing customer demands and technology dependence, you can’t manage everything on your own. Even if you already have an in-house IT staff, they’re perhaps being overworked, or not being used enough.

In either case above, you have to pay your IT staff every month on your payroll. If they have to work overtime on a project, this could mean even more money spent for something that might not get done correctly the first time.

The problem today with using an in-house staff is their knowledge scope is perhaps limited due to working for no one but you. When you have a unique problem, they don’t possess the experience working for other companies to understand the best solution.

In emergency situations, the above situation could precipitate you hiring a break-fix team who charge a huge fee per hour.

By locally outsourcing your IT management, you can bring some specific things to improve efficiency.

Bringing in a Talented Team

Once you decide to hire a consultant team to manage your IT, you’re guaranteed the people who work for you have extensive experience and talents. Superior IT companies that send out consultants only hire the very best who’ve worked for many companies. They know what the latest threats are and technology needs to keep every business running optimally.

This doesn’t mean they come to push unnecessary technology on you. Your dedicated team is there to analyze what you truly need and provide the right technology to move you forward.

What’s important is to work with an IT management consultant that you can communicate easily with long-term. They’ll be helping you through numerous steps.

Preventing Downtime

The latest statistics on company downtime show unplanned data center outages now cost up to $9000 per hour. Based on these staggering numbers, you need a reliable IT team keeping you protected from unexpected crashes and other technical failures.

When using full IT management, you get 24/7 monitoring remotely so you have a hawk’s eye on all of your IT infrastructure. In many cases, when something goes wrong, it’s fixed through remote assistance without you even realize anything went awry. If something happens on a holiday or a weekend, it’s still fixed, letting you start a new work day without troubleshooting.

Despite most things being fixable remotely, technicians can again visit you in person to help with repair and employ preventative measures.

24/7 Security

As part of your remote monitoring above, you’ll have complete safeguards from today’s worst IT threats. The latter are overwhelming in scope, and you need a consultant who knows the realities in other companies. With literally thousands of different viruses and malware, the more experience your IT management team has with these, the better.

Through their foresight, they’ll put preventative measures in place from the start to reduce your vulnerability.


As you experience sudden business growth, do you know how you’ll handle it without proper IT management? Through your IT consultants, you’ll have the proper technology in place to grow instantly when you get a sudden influx of customers.

The cloud lets you scale immediately without having to wait days or weeks to upgrade your system. You don’t have to spend extra capital on expanding your server space either just to keep up with demands.

Your IT management team helps you migrate to the cloud in a way that doesn’t cause downtime and protects your data at all times.

At TVG Consulting, our dedicated IT Support Burbank team is ready to use their proven experience to help you eliminate downtime and bring fast scalability. For more information, download our Guide to Managed IT Services.