5 Reasons to Backup Your Data

Whether it’s a power failure or a hacker trying to compromise your data, there are situations that may arise that result in your systems going down temporarily. Often times, during the system crash data is lost that if not properly backed up, may be completely unrecoverable. Losing data can be detrimental to a business. There have been cases where so much data has been lost that a company has gone under from something as simple as a power failure.

Whatever the reason, it’s important to ensure that you backup your data to ensure that if such a situation arises, your personal or company information is safe and secure. Some of the most important reasons for backing up your data will be documented further in this article.

Keep Your Files Safe & Accessible

Not backing up your files can result in office chair laptop celebration them ending up incomplete or gone for good. Maintaining a regular backup of your data not only ensures that your data can be recovered, but also that the most recent update of your files is available and ready for access. It’s important to ensure that whatever system you have in place for backing up your data not only restores your data, but also restores it from the most recent update so nothing is lost. If your data is not saved regularly when backing up, you may find yourself at a loss for any data that may have been updated for several hours or even days. Depending on the size of your company and the data that flows through it, even losing an hour’s worth of updates could actually be a substantial amount of data. This is why it’s important to consider how much data flows through your company when determining what backup options are right for you. While business continuity options that save more regularly may cost more, the extra expenditure may be worth it to avoid the hassles that may be present if your system shuts down or is compromised and you end up losing large amounts of data.

Minimize Downtime

If your system crashes, often the most important factor in maintaining the success of your business is getting things back up and running as quickly as possible. Not maintaining a regular backup of your data means that more time will need to be spent offline while you recompile or write the necessary data so your company can function correctly. This is an unnecessary inconvenience at best and a total nightmare at its worst. Again, considering the amount of data that flows through your company is important. Not having a regular backup could actually cause your company to never go back online again, as restoring the information may be an impossible task to complete.

Save Money

Having data recovery experts replace your lost data, if even possible, may be rather expensive. Being able to restore your data quickly and efficiently on site will not only save you time and money from a visit from an outside party, but will also ensure your company will be back up and running to start making money again as well.

As mentioned previously, a server crash can be detrimental to a business. You want to be back up and running as soon as possible so your company loses as little money as possible, or potentially even no money loss at all from the downtime. This is only possible through maintaining a backup of your data.

Backing Up Your Data is Easy

Backing up your data doesn’t just offer several benefits, but after a system is implemented, it is actually an easy process. Most data backups take place regularly without the need of user input. This means you can usually schedule your backups to take place on a schedule you set based on the amount of data that flows through your company without you having to constantly consider the process.

Think of it this way: If backing up your data is easy and also saves you time and money, why wouldn’t you consider it for yourself or your company?

Peace of Mind

Just because you don’t implement a system for backing up your data doesn’t mean your server will ever crash. On the flip side, you may implement a system for backing up your data and never use it. Regardless, the peace of mind has value in and of itself. Just because you have a security system doesn’t mean you hope someone will try to break into your home to give it value. Just because you have antivirus software doesn’t mean you hope you’ll be sent a virus so its skills can be utilized. Additionally, just because you have a backup for your data doesn’t mean you should expect or hope for a server crash just so you can feel like the protection you paid for was worth the cost. Azure Platforms Are Increasingly Providing Value. Your data is worth protecting. Knowing it is secure regardless of the situation is something you should definitely consider when planning ways to protect yourself and your data.


Choosing a professional IT company to implement a good system for backing up your data can make the biggest difference in the safety and security of your network and the information contained within it. TVG Consulting is happy to answer your questions in regards to this and many other IT issues that you may want to consider for yourself or your business.

Whatever your IT needs, feel free to contact TVG Consulting today!


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