Are you a highly motivated and results-driven salesperson with a passion for the IT and cybersecurity industries?

We have an exciting opportunity for you to join our team as a Tiered Commission-Based Salesperson for our Managed IT Support and Managed Cybersecurity services.

Prospect and identify potential clients in the entertainment, distribution, manufacturing, and healthcare industries in the Nashville metro area and the Los Angeles area.


  • – Present and promote online our comprehensive Managed IT Support and Managed Cybersecurity services to clients with 25-150 employees.
  • – Educate clients on the benefits and value proposition of our services, emphasizing the importance of cybersecurity in today’s digital landscape.
  • – Close sales deals and negotiate contract terms with clients.
  • – Provide excellent customer service and maintain strong relationships with clients throughout their contract duration.

**Commission Structure:**

– Contracts under $6,000 per month (for a 3-year contract):

  • – Earn 8% of the monthly contract value.
  • – Receive an additional 5% of the onboarding fee.

– Contracts between $6,000 and $10,000 per month:

  • – Earn 9% of the monthly contract value.
  • – Receive an additional 7% of the onboarding fee.

– Contracts over $10,000 per month:

  • – Earn 10% of the monthly contract value.
  • – Receive an additional 10% of the onboarding fee.

**Payout Options:**

1. Monthly Commission:

– Participate in monthly calls with clients to check progress, address concerns, and identify new opportunities.

– Earn an additional 5% of the monthly contract value for client maintenance.

– Receive regular commission payments based on your sales performance each month.

2. One-Time Payout:

  • – Opt for a one-time commission payout for each closed deal.
  • – No client maintenance required.
  • – Opportunities for increased payouts if you exceed $200,000 in contracts per year (details to be determined).


  • – Proven track record in B2B sales, preferably in IT services or cybersecurity.
  • – Excellent communication and negotiation skills.
  • – Strong understanding of the IT industry and cybersecurity landscape.
  • – Self-motivated and target-driven with a focus on achieving and exceeding sales goals.
  • – Ability to build and maintain client relationships.


  • – Uncapped earning potential based on your sales performance.
  • – Flexibility and independence as an independent contractor.
  • – Opportunity to work with cutting-edge IT services and cybersecurity solutions.
  • – Potential for base salary review based on your track record. If you’re ready to take on this exciting sales opportunity and be rewarded for your efforts, apply now to join our team as a Tiered Commission-Based Salesperson. Send your resume and a brief introduction highlighting your relevant experience to [contact information]. We look forward to hearing from you and having you contribute to our growing success!

*Note: The specific details of the commission tiers, increased payouts, and other compensation elements can be determined and communicated during the interview process.*

Please email your resume in PDF format. After a quick review, we will potentially setup a TEAMS interview.

Thank you!