The Internet of Things: How it Impacts Workplace Network Security

You’ve likely read plenty about The Internet of Things (IoT) over the last few years and how it’s already revolutionizing how we gain information and run technology. As with many new technologies, however, the excitement can frequently tuck away realities about network security. It wasn’t until the last year or two when we finally woke up to the realization that a connected world is only going to increase the potential for security threats.

Some might choose to stay complacent about those things out of assumption we’ll iron it out later. No one should turn a blind eye to network security strictly because IoT gives us more convenience.

The media covers many stories now about the security challenges facing us with IoT. Now you’re seeing more of an urgency as we see the realities behind major companies getting hacked on a daily basis. With many of those hacks being damaging and sometimes violating compliance, how will network security for IoT get solved?

The Growth of the Internet of Things (IoT) in Workplaces

94230109 thumbnailStatistics show The Internet of Things (IoT) will grow into an astonishing $75.4 billion market within the next few years. One of the fastest growing places where it’s being used is in the workplace where being connected can become both a blessing and a curse.

While IoT connects everything from office technology to simple appliances, IT managers might not track every device since they may think it’s not part of their job. They may think trying to manage the network of an appliance in a break room doesn’t fit under their career category.

What they don’t realize is they need to get involved, or at least a dedicated, outsourced IT management team. In the latter case, you’ll have better service since you get round-the-clock monitoring.

Understanding Your Network

It’s important for an IT crew to understand the networks of all your connected devices. They may have their own security demands that differ from your computers or mobile devices. Appliances in your office, for instance, may have specific vulnerabilities in firmware requiring special attention.

In other cases, you may have lapses in using proper passwords that can leave other office tech vulnerable to hackers. If you don’t think a hacker couldn’t cause trouble hacking a basic appliance, think again. Many IoT devices contain private data hackers frequently exploit.

Because some IoT technology can’t always run virus protection or update mechanisms, they’ll need a knowledgeable IT management team to fix this Security issue on your iPhone.

Putting Security Measures in Place

Through IT monitoring mentioned above, many security issues are already overcome in the first place. Preventative measures get put in place as well like the latest encryption technology so information in-transit isn’t intercepted by online thieves.

The important thing is to get security in place when you first install an IoT device in your office. This saves time having to take care of problems later at the worst possible times.

Saving Money with IT Consultants

Working with consultants in IT gives you an immediate expert team to help you find the best IoT technology that works for your company. Since consultants work in the field with hundreds of companies, they know what works and what doesn’t. They’ll advise you on exactly what you need so you don’t overspend on extraneous tech that won’t help you grow. Additionally, they can work remotely through your Internet line so you don’t have to worry about relying on break-fix services or placing IT staff on a payroll. Ultimately ensuring your network is secure will save you money in terms of unplanned downtime, employee productivity, data security, and more.

Learn more about network security in the IoT and how you can get it without disrupting your valuable time by downloading our free Business Owner’s Guide to Data Protection & Security.