The Benefits of Fixed Fee IT Management

Navigating the world of technology can be frustrating (as well as expensive) if you do not make the right decision on which company to best manage your IT infrastructure. Of equal importance is the type of management method you adopt.

There are many benefits in choosing a company with a fixed fee price structures, and those reasons will be detailed further here.

Predictable Cost Structure

Managing IT systems can be a nightmare when it comes to expenditures, especially if you need to hire a full time IT professional to keep your systems up and running. If you don’t, calling a third party to come in and resolve issues without a pre-existing agreement not only takes more time, but costs a substantial amount more than having an agreement with a company that does fixed fee IT management (aka Managed Services). This is just one of many reasons why fixed fee IT management is a cheaper, more effective solution in the long run for IT services than other potential options.

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A Whole Team of IT Experts Just A Phone Call Away

A fixed fee price structure offers the benefits of having a team of IT experts available for any emergency just a phone call away. This usually costs less than what a company might pay a single full time employee to manage their IT resources.

Rapid Solutions For IT Problems

If you have a problem, you can not only call a team of IT experts to assist you, but you can know that they will be available to answer your call quickly and professionally. When a server crashes, it takes a lot down with it, and getting things back up and running as quickly as possible is essential to getting your business back up and running. Fixed fee IT management with a professional company entails quick response to service requests when needed, meaning you can get your services back online as rapidly as possible with minimum downtime.

Network Stability

Managing your IT with a team of experts at your call is generally the best way to ensure stability of your network. Preventing a server from crashing in the first place is a great way to avoid network problems proactively, and having your IT equipment setup and managed by a team of experts generally provides for an environment where system resources are more likely to run smoothly and less likely to experience unexpected crashes and other issues. Because fixed fee IT management companies have the same price structure regardless of how often they are needed for servicing, they have the highest incentive in ensuring your network is setup correctly the first time. Furthermore, if there are any on site calls, a technician is more likely to ensure the problem is fully corrected to reduce the likelihood of having to return to the site again later to fix it.

Built-In IT Strategy

Having a team of IT experts at your beck and call is beneficial for many reasons, and one of the main ones is developing a built-in IT strategy. Having a team setup your IT environment ensures that your systems will run as efficiently as possible and as many means of managing your network locally and remotely will be setup as well. This ensures an environment that maintains minimal downtime while managing potential problems effectively by monitoring system resources.

Just remember, relying on just one person to ensure delivery of your best IT strategy is not generally very effective. Don’t rely on one individual and pay more for an IT strategy that doesn’t match the needs of your company. Instead, consider the team of experts that come with solutions such as fixed fee IT management.

Peace of Mind

Having a fixed fee IT management system provides peace of mind that just isn’t present through other means of managing your IT environment. A fixed fee IT management service allows you to know that there is always someone you can call in the event of an IT emergency and that your call will be answered as quickly and professionally as possible. Furthermore, you can rest easy knowing your systems were setup to be as fail safe as possible in the first place due to being installed by not just one, but a team of IT professionals. While a single IT representative will cost your company more and there’s always the chance that one person won’t be available should you experience a system failure, with a fixed fee IT management system, you know that with a team of experts, there will always be someone available to answer your call. Always having someone there to resolve your concerns is essential to surviving a crisis with minimal downtime, loss to the company, and damages. Fixed fee IT management clearly offers plenty of benefits, but where can you find a company that offers this price structure along with the benefits that it entails through a team of IT professionals? The truth is that the answer is just a phone call away.

Finding a Managed IT Services Company

TVG Consulting is proud to offer fixed fee IT management services to our clients in Southern California — including consultation and implementation of solutions that keep you running smoothly and efficiently with minimal downtime (we also have the best on site response team in LA).

If you’re interested in learning more about the Managed Services model of IT management download our free guide on How to Leverage IT Support Staff to Speed Up Response Times and scale your business.

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