The 5 Cloud Solutions Los Angeles Businesses Need to Streamline Processes

Growing companies are constantly trying to keep up with the latest technology and tools to gain a competitive advantage in the marketplace. Today, businesses without cloud computing capabilities are only lagging behind due to the incredible skills that this service provides.

For most small and medium sized Los Angles businesses, setting up a custom IT infrastructure is too complicated and expensive. Local small businesses simply do not have enough time or resources to dedicate to building their system. Fortunately, expert cloud consultants can help small and medium Los Angles businesses to meet their needs at an affordable price.

Below, we have listed five cloud solutions Los Angeles businesses need to streamline processes. 

Why L.A. Businesses Need Cloud Solutions

Already, 37% of U.S. companies have completely adopted cloud computing. An Intuit study forecasts that percentage will grow to 80 percent by 2020. The cloud is only becoming an imperative for all companies. A few important reasons are driving this trend.

1. Lower Costs

The clearest reason that companies are moving to the cloud is the reduction in costs. Previously, companies invested heavily in a server, using half its storage capacity and slowly filling it up over time. Today, they can rent a bit of space for much less money and slowly build up their ability on a month to month basis. They do not need to spend on installation, maintenance, upgrades or support. This is a much more efficient use of capital.

2. Collaboration

Most companies are collaborating with their partners, customers, vendors, and staff. Cloud collaboration tools allow real-time editing, work flow, storage, and sharing. Companies can restrict access to certain sensitive information but also throw open the doors to tools that make partnering and collaboration much easier.

3. Increased Flexibility

Thriving companies can no longer expect to compete and win when all of the work is done and accessed at the office. Staff needs to be able to get their critical information whenever and wherever they are in the world. Imagine a salesperson preparing to walk into a pitch without information on the contract status that is in the CRM? Today, cloud services allow employees, senior management, and others to access information on their mobile phones or laptops whenever they need it. They have unlimited flexibility and are no longer shackled to their desk to get critical information.

4. Greater Integration

Stand alone software have unique formats, features, and functions. Cloud based tools often are deliberately made to optimize seamless integration with other cloud tools. That is especially true for solutions within the same company like Google and Microsoft.

These 5 Cloud Solutions Are Ideal For Your L.A. Business

1. Google Apps for Work

Google is one of the largest software firms in the world. Their Google Apps for Work offers services including email, analytics, calendar, documents and other solutions are all based in the cloud. The company uses the power of its network of co-located servers and a virtually infinite amount of search data to provide marketing suggestions and incredibly cheap storage among other benefits. The tools are easy to use, intuitive and all available online.

2. Microsoft Office 365

For years, Microsoft was known for its Windows operating system and productivity documents including Word, Excel, Powerpoint, and Outlook. Today, the firm has moved its suite of productivity tools along with ERP, finance, CRM, storage and other solutions into the cloud. The company provides an extremely sophisticated, integrated set of instruments. Best of all, most workers are already familiar with the main features and functions of these products.

3. Virtualization

This service allows the use of the same server system to store multiple layers of data. Companies can take the same investment in hardware and increase the productivity exponentially using virtualization technology. That means fewer servers need to be purchased and costs can subsequently decline. These costs can decrease anywhere from 10% to 50%. Industry leader VM Ware has pioneered the ability to reduce server storage costs rapidly.

4. Hosting

Nowadays, fewer and fewer companies are storing all of their data. On-site storage substantially increases risks of the server being damaged or destroyed. In contrast, hosted service allows the data to be stored off-site with redundant servers at a lower cost.

5. Migration

Transferring data from one location to the next used to be a pain. It required physically porting information with disks or wire based transfers. Today, information can be uploaded to the cloud and distributed anywhere on Earth. This radically improves the process of data migration.


Overall, Los Angeles IT Support businesses continue to choose local cloud solutions to help them get ahead. These services increase productivity, reduce costs and help companies get to the next level.