Stop Wasting Your Time Working with Multiple Managed Services Vendors

When you contract for IT managed services, your expectation is that it will improve things at your company. As time goes on you build what you feel is an arsenal of providers covering all your bases, but what has also been built is a complicated web of internal management issues and stress that is doing exactly the opposite of what you set out to do.

Now you have a managed services vendor that takes care of your phones, one that deals with your network, and one that handles business continuity–which means you have peace of mind that your data is safe, and you can come back in no time from any earthquake, fire or flood. You’ve got a vendor handling your web presence, and one that makes sure your network is secure.  Don’t forget, there’s the 24/7/365 help desk, and the one that deals with all your hardware and your servers. 

With so many managed IT services Pasadena vendors in place, the two IT people you kept in-house are spending all their time making sure the vendors deal with the details. It seems every other month there’s another contract renegotiation.

Someone also has to make sure that the places where they overlap don’t get missed because they’re not talking to each other. Who’s dealing with the Bring Your Own Device program that started six months ago? Is it the security vendor? Or was it the network MSP?

Working with multiple managed IT services Hollywood vendors is wasting your time, stressing out your IT staff, and instead of removing a burden, it’s adding pressure.

The original intent was that managed services would be a one-stop shop, so your company could be assured that details were under control and you could concentrate on moving the business forward. It meant you could hand over your information technology management to the experts, and lower stress on your staff and you.

But the MSPs specialized to provide niche services, particularly across the IT sector, unfolding to the current state of multiple managed service providers. 

What you need now isn’t another managed services provider, you need a Managed Services Partner. You need one contract (not several), one person to talk to, one assurance that project deadlines will be met, that upgrades will occur on time and in budget, and the knowledge that you will be able to step off the vendor merry-go-round.

The benefits of consolidation under one IT Managed Services contract include:

  • Strategic, objective advice from a knowledgeable, assured professional who understands your company, your industry and business in general at the CTO level.
  • One individual who knows the entire range of IT services that are necessary to not just keep you running, but power your ascent.
  • Clear-eyed budget counsel for next year’s need, without an ax to grind or emotional investment in progression within the company. 
  • Your ability to say, “These are the results I need,” and stop having to manage down to the individual niche level where your current MSPs operate. 
  • Consolidated reporting across the entire spectrum, so it’s easy to see what increased network up-time has done for your sales and the positive impact it’s had on your bottom line.
  • Massive saving of your time currently dedicated to bridging the gaps between a half-dozen company representatives.
  • Even more hours of your staff members’ time saved that is now spent going through and dealing with multiple invoices in different formats, with differing due dates and details that must be checked.
  • All of the benefits each managed services provider brings individually, but moved to the macro level: Predictable, fixed costs across the entire range of your IT services, including repairs and service work already built into the contract; no human resources department involvement; no dealing with sick days for key people forcing project delays; and a range of expert knowledge across every IT sector. 

These are just some of the potential benefits in changing from multiple managed services providers to a managed services partner. We invite you to download our free Guide Leveraging IT Support Staff to learn more and help you define the best solution for your business.