6 Solutions a Cloud Consultant Can Offer L.A. Businesses


Los Angeles is one of the most competitive markets in the United States, which means even a little bit of downtime can get expensive for your business. In fact, one study found that one minute of downtime by your data center will cost you $9,000, with a full-day outage costing almost $750,000.

In the Entertainment Capital of the World, everyone needs data storage capabilities. As a result, the price of storing and managing your data in the cloud tends to be pricey, ranging from $500 to $500,000 depending on your business needs. A cloud consultant in L.A. can offer the local expertise you need to cater to your budget and find the right solutions for your business. Below are six of the best cloud solutions available in the Los Angeles area that a cloud consultant can help you manage.


Here’s What You Can Get with a Cloud Consultant in L.A

1. Microsoft Office 365

In many ways, Office 365 is the core solution available for businesses looking to move their productivity tools and data operations to the cloud. Your team will already be familiar with many of its features, from Word to Outlook. Meanwhile, new collaborative tools and data storage opportunities add functionality for your L.A. business. A local cloud consultant can help in the implementation of these features, allowing for a smooth transition to a cloud-based system that is tailored to your needs.

2. Google Apps for Work

Over the last few years, Google has mounted a strong challenge to Microsoft regarding cloud solutions. Its strength lies in collaboration, with communication tools like Gmail and Google Hangouts adding to multi-edit opportunities provided by Docs, Sheets, and more. A local consultant can help you customize the solution for your business, including integrating the thousands of potential third-party apps that could enhance this solution.

3. Google Cloud Platform

The technology giant’s cloud platform can help to virtualize deeper business processes and analytics. From cloud storage to virtual networking and even machine learning, it’s the perfect fit for businesses moving away entirely from physical servers to your premises. The complexity of the solution makes working with a local expert particularly beneficial.

4. Amazon Web Services

Though it lacks behind its consumer-based services in public recognition, AWS is Amazon’s most profitable offering. Implemented correctly, it can power your entire IT infrastructure, including anything from backup and storage solutions to disaster recovery planning. From migration to virtualized networking, a consultant can help you maximize your capabilities within these offerings.

5. Microsoft Hyper-V

The V in its name is short for Virtualization, which describes a more centralized version of cloud computing. A consultant based in Los Angeles can help you decide whether this type of solution makes sense for you, and to implement Hyper-V to benefit your business effectively.

6. VMWare

In many ways, VMWare is a catchall solution for all things virtualization. This wide range of products and services can help you move your business entirely online, or establish a hybrid environment in which some physical storage and data management still takes place. With the help of an L.A. consultant, you can custom-build a suite of these available products to maximize its benefits for your unique situation.

Always Put Your Business First

All of the above solutions are available for any L.A. business, regardless of whether or not you seek external help. That said, a local cloud consultant can help you leverage their maximum potential, improving your IT expense management while looking to decrease your overall IT costs. Also, you will be able to take full advantage of the capabilities provided by these solutions, ranging from improved scalability to agility and mobility.

While hiring a cloud consultant based in L.A. ins’t required, there are benefits to doing so. Particularly compared with trying to leverage the cloud on your own or going with an expert who does not know this local market; the benefits make working with a local partner a wise financial and technical decision for your business.