Project Management and IT Services: How to Finish IT Projects On Time

Trying to get IT projects done on time can become a major burden when you’re relying on multiple companies to get things done. As an Opps manager, head of HR, or CFO, you already know the pain of trying to get any IT project done on time or managed consistently.  There is a very easily implemented solution to keep even the simplest IT projects on schedule at all times without it being a constant strain on your time and burdening your company’s productivity.

If you’re relying on too many companies to get something accomplished, you will always find your IT projects off schedule or difficult to complete on time. Having different IT teams working on numerous project elements only creates collaborative confusion. It gets worse when you try to get everyone on the same page, becoming impossible because the project team is so diffused. Add to this the fact that the technicians are at varying levels of knowledge and don’t truly understand your business, and you have a recipe for project management disaster.

No doubt you’ve had more than one occasion when the overall project management fell on your shoulders and the project went off the rails because of the inability of the technicians you hired to get things done on time. When an IT project fails, it only reflects badly on keeping your IT properly organized and working optimally, which ultimately affects the productivity of your employees.

Here are some overall reasons your IT projects fail, and examples where a Managed IT Support services partner or IT services expert will provide you with project management and IT services that not only finish on time, but have the knowledgeable technicians that know your company and know how to do what is required.

Why Do IT Projects Fail?

Outside of hiring too many companies to work on different needs, IT projects also fail due to other reasons. Sometimes it involves putting technology ahead of business needs, not addressing project scope, not stopping when a project goes bad, or not accurately examining ROI potential.

All of these are due to poor IT management that’s easily corrected when hiring an all-encompassing Managed Services IT team or IT services provider to work for you. What’s important is to hire a team that gets it done right the first time. This means hiring IT management with proven experience rather than those still learning how proper implementation and management work.

A few examples of IT projects that will be handled by a managed IT services provider without any management required internally include:

Server Upgrades or Installations

Doing any kind of upgrade to your IT technology is going to require an IT team working together rather than separately. Many upgrades and patch management can be done with remote work, but you need someone who can come on-site and work on every part of an installation. Either way, the technicians involved need to understand every aspect of the work and your business so it is tailored to your needs. Without this cohesiveness, it’s only going to lead to delays that may go past a scalability deadline.

Your options are to plan ahead by finding a managed IT services provider so all your IT and network needs are managed for you every month, or utilize this team as your IT services provider for projects. 

For instance, if you are  experiencing tremendous business growth and need to get your server scaled quickly, the only way to avoid a slowdown of business or delay in the upgrade installation is to have an IT team with superior management working as one unit. Usin g one team you know you can trust is going to save you much headache and lost time on the project.

Cloud Application Hosting

Using the cloud is something that can truly benefit your company’s productivity and scalability. However, if you have several different companies working on providing cloud technology, it can lead to confusion. You want to have cloud hosting that is provided by the IT services partner that knows your business, and that makes sure your staff is up to speed on functionality. Since some of this requires on-site work, trying to get schedules coordinated from unrelated companies may end up causing chaos in your workplace.

Cloud hosting is not something you want done piece meal without a cohesive understanding of your infrastructure and your data network. Again, you can utilize a managed IT services provider so that your plan scales with the needs of your business or use a trusted IT services provider for the project. Either way, using qualified IT services provider for your cloud hosting will ensure that you have the added security for all of your data, and the right tools to accomplish the goals of your business for scalability, increased productivity and collaboration.

Augmenting IT Staff

Sometimes you just need to augment IT staff as part of your latest IT project or a virtual CIO to access your current IT team.  Don’t overlook the value in outsourcing an IT management team to your workplace if you feel there’s a huge gap in your workforce. A quality managed services provider will offer this as an add on service, and your existing relationship will make it a seamless project, or if this is a first time need for an IT services consultant, you will find that companies offering this option provide technicians and IT management support that is far superior to a break/fix technician filling the gap.

By hiring  IT consultants to augment your existing staff, you’re guaranteed an experienced crew that’s worked for other Los Angeles companies in the same industry. If you have taken the path of hiring a managed services team, they are available to supplement your existing IT team as well,  which puts you are in a great position because they know and understand your business and IT infrastructure. In either scenario, utilizing IT services consultants is the best option because they know what’s needed and understand what technologies help complete projects faster. 

Use IT Consultants for Any Project to Gain On-Time Completion

Besides the examples above, whether you have a project to set up VoIP in your company, data backup solutions, virtualization, email hosting, or desktop support, finishing your IT projects on time is not impossible to accomplish. Using an outsourced IT services management team, whether part of a managed services plan or  IT services consultant for a one time project, means you will see that the work is completed faster and the technicians have proven expertise to not only manage the work, but the skills and experience to do it right the first time.

It’s time to stop thinking you have to hire multiple companies to take care of individual challenges. Sticking with this pattern only costs more money due to unknown charges and surprise bills. 

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