New IE Security Issue – What To Do

New IE Security Issue  – What To Do

This last weekend there has been a new security issue with Microsoft Internet Explorer browser and the severity of issues that it can cause.

Ok, what should you do about the IE bug?

1st is to understand how can it affect you
2nd is how to avoid it.

Here is a good article on the steps on how block this bug right now.

These are the steps we are recommending:

Thanks, but what is the simple answer?

>> Disable your FLASH Add-on for internet explorer.
>> Microsoft has not made an announcement yet, but they are working on the fix. Great ready to patch your systems.
>> If you are a client of ours, we are already prepping your for the patch from Microsoft and will be contacting you about best practices on this issues and how to play it safe.

Don’t hesitate to call us if you need any assistance or would like some information on our Advanced Security Perimeter Systems or network security methodology in general.

Garrett Chipman

Garett is an IT executive and entrepreneur with more than 20+ years in providing and designing business technology solutions. Coming from the technical and CTO/management side of such companies as GRB Entertainment and AMG(Artist Management Group) he has implemented some of the industry’s most effective solutions to help produce efficient results. He engaged with 100’s of vendors and thought during his CTO time and thought – Why not pass this methodology down the small and medium sized businesses? Why not provide enterprise solutions, for the SMB market at a fraction of the budget of hiring full time staff? His entrepreneur side kicked in at that point. This is why he started TVG Consulting. Anybody can put equipment in, but it’s the way one uses technology it making sure it a productive solution and does it make sense. Garett manages overall company decisions and operations for TVG and acts as TVG’s chief client design architect. Garett is acts as their clients strategic Virtual CIO which they include in their services. Garett and his wife Clare live in Southern California with their 2 kids and are very active in their local non-profits and community driven causes.

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