Network Security Threats: How Dangerous Will Ransomware Become?

Out of all current network security threats, it seems that ransomware is the most talked about since the beginning of the year. The most recent scare was the fact that ransomware reared its ugly head on Mac computers for the first time. While Mac users had it mostly thwarted, just the fact that it’s gone this far is a measure of a dangerous evolution.

The question ultimately becomes: What’s next? When it comes to this malware variation, it’s one that only seems to get more insidious as time goes on. It makes it seem impossible to stop, even if it’s completely preventable with proper IT management.

If you have to ask any question, it’s should be: What’s next for companies securing themselves?

Complacency is far too easy to occur in companies if they’ve never had something like ransomware hit them before. Even if it has, someone like you may think it won’t happen again.

Take a look at what ransomware could do to your business, how to fight against it, and why IT management can prevent it before an employee clicks a malware link.

What Could Ransomware Do To Your Company?

No doubt everyone in your business talks about ransomware, and you’ve hopefully held meetings on being aware. The trouble is that this virus fools far too many people lately. Lately, the nefarious creators behind this malware create spoofing emails that look like legitimate communications from officials.

In some cases, these emails look like they come from government agencies like the IRS. Or, it can look like a note from a company superior asking to click a link to send information. Once an employee clicks this link, it can instantly spread the ransomware virus into your network.

This may not manifest immediately. Once it does, it hijacks your entire system and asks for a ransom to get your files returned.

Some people pay the ransom, and others don’t. There isn’t any guarantee you’ll get your files back if you pay the ransom. Still, the FBI recommends you pay the ransom anyway since they’ve alarmingly had troubles tracking down ransomware creators.

Ways to Fight Against Ransomware

It’s always important to provide education about this and other malware to your employees. You can do this through memos that tell employees what to look out for in their emails and other communications.

More simply, it’s best to give as much circumspection to emails as possible. Even if something looks legitimate, yet still surprising, it’s best to let someone check it first for malware.

Many virus protection software suites are available that can block these, though reliability sometimes varies. If you don’t keep those virus programs updated, it can miss the latest ransomware variation.

It’s better to have a dedicated team working behind the scenes so you can use some prevention methods to catch the latest virus incarnations.

IT Management Dedication

One thing about having IT management consultants working for you is that they know what’s going on in the world of technology and cyber threats. They work for countless other companies in the field and know what’s needed and what the biggest risks are.

When they work for you, they’ll be on top of ransomware’s next variation and keep you protected. They do this by procuring the latest firewalls, more thorough virus protection, and using human monitoring.

Your network gets monitored 24/7, including weekends and holidays. So when something goes awry, it’s fixed remotely without needing anyone in the office.

Even better is that prevention tactics occur so ransomware can’t sneak in and take you by surprise.

Don’t get hacked or be a victim of ransomware theft. Download our free Guide to Data Protection & Security to learn how you can protect your business network today.

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