Mastering IT Services Project Management for Your Business

Effective project management is one of the pinnacles of a successful IT department. Whether you employ an in-house team or an operations manager, keeping your IT service project management on schedule is imperative to achieving your business objectives. Is your team staying within budget? Are they meeting deadlines? Do they make informed decisions and work around an established timeline? These are just some of the factors that can upend your projects and leave you and your business struggling to regain your footing.

So how can you keep all of your IT projects on schedule? From the smallest insights to the greatest conflicts, your IT operations should function with the ease of clockwork. It’s no secret: project management requires a competent manager and an established plan, along with extreme attention to detail. If you have yet to establish an organized system for productivity – or are looking for a few more pointers – look no further.

The Importance of Project Management

Simply put: IT services Project Management saves time and money, putting your business on track for higher returns. Project Managers exist specifically to meet time and budget constraints and can be hired on a case-by case basis or as a permanent fixture on your staff. Both small and large-scale projects stand to benefit from the guiding hand of an effective Project Manager so hiring internally or outsourcing your IT services are usually the best options to consider. Outsourcing can be particularly successful for businesses with low velocity or short term projects by saving the cost of a full-time, year round Project Manager’s salary.

What To Look For In A Project Manager

It’s all well and good to say that project management is an important to your business, but, truthfully, not just anyone is suited for the job. Before you make a hasty hire or assign a random employee a promotion, consider some of the qualities an IT Project Manager should possess.

  • Have substantial experience in the IT field.
  • Extremely effective at time management.
  • Highly organized and detail-oriented.
  • Works well with others and is capable of offering effective leadership.
  • Excellent problem-solver.
  • Open and effective communicator.
  • Ideally experienced with a similar project and/or scope

Outsourcing Your IT Services Project Management Can Save You Time & Money

It’s true! According to Business Reporter outsourcing could potentially cut your IT costs by 30%. Hiring a full-time, year-round Project Manager may not be necessary for your company and a single person may not have the skill set to handle every project that comes up. It’s easiest to employ an on-demand hiring strategy that allows you to hire and assign projects based on specific areas of expertise.

When push comes to shove hiring a Project Manager for your IT services project should be an effort to save you time and money. While the organization and plan of attack of a Project Manager can keep you on time and within budget, you’ll find that outsourcing offers additional savings and flexibility. TVG Consulting provides Project Managers that have extensive technical experience that is perfect for your growing business.

8 Signs Your Project Is In Trouble

Here are a few key signs your project may need help:

  1. Lack of communication between the team (or agency) and the decision-maker.
  2. Poorly defined project requirements.
  3. Failure to establish and meet milestones.
  4. Division of responsibility is unclear.
  5. Improper monitoring of time and budget.
  6. No task prioritization.
  7. Small variances in time or budget grow out of control.
  8. Quality control is not prioritized as tasks come to completion.


Your IT projects are important pieces of your company’s future. Don’t hinder yourself by hiring a subpar IT team or neglecting to establish a plan of action with a competent Project Manager at the helm. With a little help from TVG Consulting you can meet your goals and save money.Our highly trained professionals that have been involved in thousands of IT projects. Let us give you the confidence of proven results and trusted expertise. We can handle your IT services Project Management including projects of any size and any specialty. Looking to learn more? Download our free eBook Keeping IT Projects on Schedule.