Managed Services: Why You Need a Watchful Eye on Your Technology

Managed Services has long come in many forms, but now it’s better defined on what it offers. In the older days of IT technology, IT management usually meant on-site technicians who basically worked on a break-fix system. When something went wrong, it sometimes meant having to take over all the office computers for hours to get the problem resolved.

When the cloud became a true gift to data storage, it became a new way to make Managed Services work at a new level. Even Internet itself brought forth new ways to do management remotely without needing on-site employees.

Through these technology advancements, IT management works entirely from afar so it doesn’t get in your way. What makes this even better is all your business infrastructure gets managed as long as you’re connected online.

Some might call this The Internet of Things, though outsourced management can keep this connectivity safer overall. With security always an issue, let’s look at what IT managed services can do to provide a watchful eye on all your technology.

Protecting Your Computers

Choosing an outsourced IT management team, you get real-world experience in protecting things like your office computers. Outsourced technicians work with hundreds of different companies and understand what’s really going on. Keeping an on-site team on your payroll plays risk that they won’t understand how to solve a unique problem.

Computers are still complex assets in your company that could become crippled when exposed to online threats. Malware like recent ransomware can virtually shut down your system and make using your computers virtually worthless.

Technical problems can occur as well due to basic wear and tear. While most issues can get solved through an Internet line, quality IT management makes on-site visits when it’s necessary.

Eliminating Software and Hardware Maintenance

Thanks to numerous managed IT services options, you don’t even need to worry about much physical technology. Many “as a service” options are available directly through an Internet line and the cloud. This is a major IT managed services benefit, including continual monitoring to make sure those tools keep working efficiently.

Things like online faxing, scanning, email, and software are all accessible online. They also get recurring maintenance from a dedicated remote crew. Now you don’t have to worry about having to download updates or security patches to stay current.

Protecting Mobile Devices

Don’t forget that if you have a BYOD policy in place, your workplace could easily lose track of all the mobile devices out in the field. Your employees probably rely on these now to store data and keep communicated with business associates.

Quality IT management looks over all active mobile devices and has available tech support when things go unexpectedly wrong. This includes preventative measures so security isn’t a perpetual worry. Top-tier encryption works in the background without you having to set it up yourself, particularly when using public Wi-Fi systems.

Overall Security

With The Internet of Things taking over and connecting every possible device, your workplace may look similar now, or will before long. Yet, it’s easy to become complacent to security when exciting technology makes work life so much easier.

good IT management team understands this frame of mind and helps consult on using the best security procedures. While encryption is always key, they can help you devise things like improved authentication processes to prevent online thievery.

Don’t attempt to juggle everything on your own, because you’re always bound to miss something while keeping up your work duties.

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