Paying an IT Support Hourly Rate? Change to Flat Fee to Save Money

If you’re using an outside IT Support service that charges by the hour and you’re not happy with the results, it’s time to look at other solutions. Managed IT services that offer a flat rate may be better for your budget. Here are the benefits of flat fee versus hourly IT rates.

The Downsides of Hourly IT Services

First, let’s talk about the downside of bringing in companies that offer an IT support hourly rate. These companies usually operate on what is known as a fix/break system. More often than not, you end up paying for each time a technician comes to your site, even if the issue is related to a previous visit. Hourly IT support services quickly become expensive when:

  • You’re experiencing problems which require multiple visits.
  • An unexpected and time-consuming system emergency occurs.

Furthermore, when you use a company that sends hourly technicians to your site, sacrifice continuity of service and experience. A different technician may respond to each call, rather than a dedicated team or technician that is assigned specifically to your account. Plus, every hour the technician comes to your site to work means the outsourced IT company gets more money, so no incentive to complete the work in a timely fashion. With break fix technicians, your business faces downtime, less productivity, and an increase in costs.

Managed IT Services Decrease Downtime and Costs

On the other hand, managed IT services offer specific benefits. Instead of charging an IT support hourly rate for each call, a managed IT service provider establishes a contract that specifies what services are covered under a fixed fee. That way, if a particular issue occurs, you don’t pay hourly rates for technician visits. As a result, you can plan your IT services across a period of time, and factor the predictable costs into your budget.

Next, managed IT services motivate technicians to complete the job efficiently in the time they need — the first time around — getting paid exactly what’s been specified beforehand. That way, you don’t have to worry about going over budget. Simply put, managed IT services encourage technicians to complete tasks in a timely fashion, as every extra hour lowers their bottom line due to flat rate payments.

Lastly, because flat-rate technicians have an incentive to complete all work efficiently and thoroughly, your network downtime is decreased. With managed services, you’ll have a dedicated support team, costs will be lowered because you’re not paying for unpredictable costs, and your team will be up and running much faster.

The Importance of Proactive Technology Management

When your business engages in proactive technology management, you ensure that your technology stays in optimum shape. You’ll want your managed IT support to offer proactive technology management through centralized security services. These services usually include patch management, anti-spyware and malware management, and spam management. The best managed IT support companies also offer optimization for your company’s desktops and laptops documentation as well as e-mail management, voice services, and data backup administration.

When you use managed IT services, you have 24/7 network administration. There is a network administrator who is responsible for network monitoring, and keeps track of the technology checklist to ensure that your network runs smoothly. Also, the network administrator understands and implements best practices, and carries out a centralized service report review. So when you deal with one company that knows your system, prevents crashes, and understands procedures that relate specifically to the preventative maintenance of your IT infrastructure, your technology is more secure.

Managed IT Services Save You Time & Money

With managed IT services, you save both time and money. You do business with one company for a fixed fee that is determined beforehand, avoiding emergencies that put a dent in your budget, shut down your system, and result in unplanned, unproductive downtime. Furthermore, because you know exactly what your IT fee covers, you can plan ahead. Plus, your business has a technician or team assigned to your account, reaping the benefits of all the talent and knowledge available to solve your IT problems and keep your system working once and for all.

By consolidating your managed IT support into one company, that company becomes an expert on your IT system. You end up with a continuity of service that allows your IT support to understand your specific IT infrastructure needs and any ongoing issues. And since your managed IT support works on a fixed fee, it will provide proactive technology management to ensure that your IT issues are minimal and resolved as soon as possible. Furthermore, because your IT support is centralized and prioritized, you’ll have 24/7 network administration coming from an informed network administrator who implements best practices and centralizes all procedures.

TVG consulting understands that you need to avoid unnecessary down time and hold costs down. It provides proactive, preventative security, centralizes network administration, focuses on continuity of service, and performs proactive IT maintenance. Offering management through centralized services for security, desktop and laptop optimization, documentation, e-mail management, voice services and data backup administration, TVG is your top choice for proactive technology management. Download and explore our free Business Owner’s Guide to Managed Services and learn more about how managed IT services can work for you.