What is VoIP?

The term "VoIP" is short for Voice over Internet Protocol. You may hear those in the technology industry also refer to VoIP as IP telephony, broadband phone service, Internet telephony or a couple other terms but the end solution is the same.

VoIP Definition:
VoIP is a type of IT strategy that incorporates select technologies in order to deliver voice and media communications over the Internet. This can include phone calls, SMS messages, fax capabilities and voice messaging.

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Why do companies choose VoIP phone systems?

Companies choose VoIP over traditional phone system solutions for a number of reasons, but the 3 most popular of those reasons are:

  • Mobility & Scalability - Since VoIP subscription based features can be used anywhere an Internet connection is available, it can go where ever your employees go on any voice enabled device (smart phones, tablets, etc.), including laptops and desktops. It can also handle more than one call over a single data network, which makes scaling company size up or down an extremely simple process.
  • Cost Savings - VoIP uses pre-existing data networks and doesn't require the set up of a separate, dedicated network. It also does not require manual call distribution, which removes the need for any employee or contractor call management. The end result is a much more comfortable operational expense with little up-front capital expenditures.
  • Security - Creating secure phone lines with traditional phones systems required the implementation of digital transmission security. Most VoIP solutions already have these security features "baked in" to their solution, only requiring the potential use of standard internet security features (such as data encryption and authentication).

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What VoIP solutions does TVG Consulting offer?

While we offer some of the best VoIP solutions in the industry, the most popular of our solutions is Allworx (Click here to learn more).

Since TVG became an authorized distributor and service provider of Allworx, it has become number one in market share for IP PBX systems in the small to mid-size business market, supporting over 6,000 servers and 65,000 active users.

We've found it to be one of the most competitive VoIP solutions in regards to price, functionality and ease of use. It also eliminates the compromises businesses historically made when implementing VoIP technology – avoiding the loss of any of the traditional phone features companies enjoy.

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