What is network security?

Network security is the practice of using various technology solutions and strategies to protect hardware, software and sensitive digital information from service disruptions and threats such as theft, malware, spyware and other dangers online. If you've never heard of network security, you may be familiar with other synonymous terms such as cyber security, computer security, IT security or a few others.

If an employee uses the Dark Web on work devices, your network is at risk. With network security, IT specialists can monitor hacker forums for major red flags, for instance, direct mentions of employees or your business.

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What is a firewall?

Before the Internet took over the world, "firewalls" were more commonly associated with physical walls that were implemented during building construction to protect certain rooms from fire. While those firewalls still exist, most people associate firewalls with online security these days which created a new definition. Today, firewalls are a crucial facet of a computer network implemented to prevent unauthorized system access while still facilitating outward communications. Firewalls keep the bad stuff like hackers from the dark web from getting in. Think of it as an added layer of protection.

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What's included in TVG's Managed Firewall Service?

With TVG’s Managed Firewall Service, we act as an extension of your IT staff, providing you with the hardware support you need and the security expertise you need. You can provide users with anytime, anywhere access to needed network resources, without putting your infrastructure, business data, or employees at risk.

We will alert you if there is a breach on your infrastructure. Our team of IT consultants will take the necessary steps to mitigate the attack and help prevent future cyber attacks from the dark web.

Specifically, our Managed Firewall Service includes:

  • 24×7 device monitoring
  • Unlimited hardware maintenance and replacement
  • Remote configuration and troubleshooting
  • Gateway anti-virus and anti-spyware
  • Premium content filtering
  • Intrusion prevention
  • Integrated wireless access
  • SSL VPN access and management
  • Configuration backup and restoration
  • Real-time reporting on network activity

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