Ebay is Hacked – What to Do

As of 2 days ago, Ebay was apparently hacked. Their worldwide security databases containing private user data has been compromised and the data could be stolen, however, financial information was not compromised.

Yes, another trusted online vendor has been compromised.

This is warning signal to all businesses to review the network security policies they have in place.

if you do not know if you’re using managed antivirus, on-line browser protection, password policies, or a layered network security approach – you should ask your IT department for them.

If you don’t have a trusted IT resource, give us a call and we can provide you with a free assessment document you can conduct on your own business and see the health of your network stands.

What to do?

Per Ebay, you should change your passwords ASAP.

Again, if you think your business could use an outside, objective perspective on your network, please give us a call today for a free consultation and network security assessment.

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