MICROSOFT CALLING: You’ve been hacked!

MICROSOFT CALLING: You’ve been hacked.

Have you, or a family member ever admitted to having MICROSOFT call out of the blue telling you you’ve been “hacked”? Even though they might have had a heavy accent, they tell you you’ve been hacked, and only THEY can help you? The only way to get “rid of the hack” was for them to remote into your computer and remove it? Well….Microsoft NEVER calls to tell you you’ve been hacked.

We’ve seen an uptick on these low level social engineering hack attempts – suprisingly  – alot of people fall for it.

It’s OK – we all for scams that try and scare us or look too good to be true.

This is what really happens:

  • Once they get on your computer they might:
  • Ask for your credit card to make sure there are no charges(then charge something to it)
  • Ask for your SS# – to verify who you are (but really is to get to your credit)
  • Or RANSOM your computer by putting encrypted malware on it – locking your computer and demanding payment to unlock it.

It is a nightmare if you fall for it.  Please be carefull when talking to people you don’t know or opening emails you do not know the senders.

Just like politics – if there is smoke there is fire – it’s fake and a scam. Call your IT professionals for some next step advice in protecting your identity and credit – especially if it’s business related.

If you have any questions about the above, shoot my team an email @ and we’ll point you in the right direction.

Garett Chipman | CEO | TVG Consulting