Compare Managed IT Services to Best Buy for Business

Businesses in all industries and of all sizes are learning the importance of having IT support services. Many find value  in outsourcing these processes, by leveraging the experience, expertise, and knowledge of third party vendors. Because of this, the market has grown dense with competing providers. There are several key elements your company should consider when choosing  Managed IT Services, whether in-house or outsourced.

Important Features of Excellent IT Support

  • Monitoring and maintenance with clear upfront pricing
  • Unlimited technical and IT support
  • Management of Windows security (updates/patches)
  • Professional management of both hardware and software
  • Customer relationship management
  • 24/7 expert technical support on-demand

Overview of Best Buy for Business Features

Best Buy, the big box electronics store has been in (and out of) IT support services since 2010. They offer a range of services through their Geek Squad® brand.

To get started, a company would meet with a personal account manager or pre-sales engineer who promises to work with your team in an effort to help you design commercial-grade IT solutions. Geek Squad® Agents – and other contracted installers— would then implement those solutions. It is important to note that some services are not widely available throughout the US.

Best-Buy for Business IT Services Include:

  • Windows Servers management in select markets
  • Networking
  • Computer Support and Tune-ups
  • Preventative maintenance
  • Training
  • Professional support offered by Geek Squad® Agents

Overview of TVG Consulting Managed IT Services

With remote support and services, TVG Consulting is available to any location across the globe. A privately owned IT services company with over 30-years of small-business and enterprise IT experience. TVG Consulting also offers complete Managed IT Services, IT consulting, IT Support, VoIP, and Cloud Services Administration solutions. To get started, you simply need to fill out the online consultation request. Shortly, you will receive an email enabling you to schedule a time that is convenient to you. The entire consultation is free, takes only 30 minutes, and of course — there is no obligation. 

TVG Consulting IT Services Include:

  • Tailored services to fit specific needs
  • Network Administration, including network monitoring and a dedicated network administrator
  • Proactive technology management with centralized security services
  • Dedicated Technology Account Manager and a fractional Chief Information Officer
  • Support services – support team for help desk support, on-site support, troubleshooting and resolution
  • Fixed-fee services – no surprises, scalable for growth
  • 24/7 Data monitoring and security – managed firewall
  • Backup and disaster planning
  • Many More IT Services  

A Side By Side Comparison of IT Support Services

Technical Support

  • Best Buy/Geek Squad® uses contracted agents. With no one specific assigned to your account, you never know who you are going to get. This makes it difficult to develop a relationship.
  • TVG Consulting promises a dedicated technician. There is a definite advantage in having that continuity provided by someone who familiar with your company and has worked with you before.


  • Best Buy/Geek Squad® requires the purchase of prepaid credits. If they are not used in a certain period of time, they do expire. This can be costly and wasteful, not to mention, difficult to budget.
  • TVG Consulting bases its fees on the number of a company’s full-time employees. This model is used by many experienced IT companies as a reliable way to predict IT support, service, and management needs. The pricing model is simple and straightforward with no wasteful spending.

Computer Support

  • Best Buy/Geek Squad® offers support and training. However, they only offer basic computer set-up and installation support. They offer limited data transfer between two devices.
  • TVG Consulting guarantees white glove services that are based on your companies exact needs. There is no specified limit on transfer of data or number of devices. Onboarding and off-boarding are available through TVG which is important in protecting sensitive intellectual property and data when an employee leaves your business. 

Cloud Services

  • Best Buy/Geek Squad® offers networking solutions but there is no mention of cloud services management. An important factor when you want to scale your business.
  • TVG Consulting has a special focus of their business dedicated to cloud migration and cloud services administration and solutions including, cloud consulting, cloud hosting, virtualization, migration, Microsoft Office 356, Google Cloud Platform, Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Hyper-V.

Mobile Device Management

  • Best Buy/Geek Squad® for Business does not currently offer support for mobility.
  • TVG Consulting supports Mac OS, Windows, and all mobile platforms such as iOS and Android for cellphones and tablets.

Why Do Companies Use Managed IT Services?

Many companies no longer have in-house IT departments. With Managed IT services and IT support, there is no need to invest in infrastructure and budget for maintenance. Now, businesses can be more agile by partnering with trusted third party providers manage their IT, allowing greater efficiency and productivity throughout.

Being able to accurately predict expenses related to IT is an important factor since it allows for more precise budgeting. Monies can then be allocated to other areas which can hasten your company’s ability to scale faster.

You are responsible for your whole team whether it is in-house or outsourced. Building a relationship facilitates the trust you need from your IT support vendor to feel accountability. Furthermore, having a single source point of accountability is reassuring for all stakeholders.

Quality IT Support Means Managed IT Services

With quality IT support, a company can align their business operations more effectively. Having an IT management team is one way to ensure all areas are connected and working seamlessly together is the best way to avoid expensive delays or problems.

You have choices when it comes to providers. Companies looking to remain agile and scale rapidly, have to consider whether a vendor like Best Buy’s cookie cutter approach, will allow you to reach your objectives. You have to ask, are they going to be invested in our success? When you consider factors like a wasteful pricing model, it is concerning. TVG Consulting understands the struggles you face and our goal is to be the most valuable and trusted partner in providing all of your Managed IT Support and service needs.