Combat Cyber Threats Using The Same IT Security Assessment The U.S. Government Uses


As technology continues to evolve, so do cyber threats, which have become increasingly sophisticated in an attempt to cause harm to individuals and organizations. These include malware, phishing attacks, DDoS attacks, and SQL injections, among many others.

That’s where effective cybersecurity measures come into play, as they help to prevent, detect, and quickly respond to these damaging cyber threats. These cybersecurity measures are in seven pillars, which include:

  • Network security
    • Firewalls, VPNs, network segmentation, switching in multiple locations
  • Cloud Security
    • Data encryption, continuous compliance, access controls
  • Endpoint security
    • EDR, Data encryption, MFA/2FA device authentication, 
  • Mobile security
    • Biometrics, mobile VPNs, mobile application management
  • Business risk & compliance security
    • Assessment can include CIS, CMMC, HIPAA, and ISO 27001 for compliance needs.
  • Application security
    • Access controls, PEN testing, website security testing
  • Zero Trust Testing
    • Micro-segmentation, application vulnerability, and breach testing

When it comes to the federal government, CISA, or the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency, serves to protect and enhance our nation’s infrastructure by utilizing the above cybersecurity measures. Here are a few ways that TVG Consulting provides the same FBI-recommended cyber assessments federal government-grade IT security services that rival CISA.

WHAT TO EXPECT: IT Security Assessment with TVG includes:

  • 30-minute interview on the assessment and why you think you need it.
  • Deciding which assessment works for your business model and needs
  • FREE core assessment
  • Various pay-or-play deep dive assessments
  • Assessment form filled out with a TVG engineer. 

After reviewing the assessment, we then go over these questions:

  1. What needs addressing?
  2. What is a threat?
  3. What is acceptable?
  4. What is working?

Based on a combination of the assessment results and answers to the questions above, TVG will develop a Cyber posture for your company.

There’s no better benchmark for robust cybersecurity measures than CISA, the digital backbone for federal agencies, private sectors, and territorial governments. And like CISA, TVG Consulting offers the same high-level IT assessments that federal agencies receive, evidenced by several security services above, plus many others.

Book a Free Consultation today to fortify your IT infrastructure to the same level as government agencies.