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What Really Takes Place on the Dark Web & Why Businesses Need to Know


If your company suffers a data breach, the stolen information is almost guaranteed to end up for sale on the dark web.

Businesses of all sizes are vulnerable to cyber attacks. While news reports focus on major corporate data breaches, 43 percent of all cyber attacks are aimed at small businesses.

Every organization needs to know how to protect against cyber attacks, and the first step is understanding the dark web.

[Infographic] How the Dark Web Takes Your Network Security Captive


The internet was home to 3.8 billion users in 2017, and research indicates that this number will increase to 6 billion in 2022.

This audience has 1.5 billion websites available during their browsing sessions. Your company needs to do more than merely put up a website to succeed in this environment.

Having a strong online foundation is an essential part of growing as a business today, but it comes at a cost.

Approximately 43 percent of cyber attacks hit small businesses, as they often have fewer IT security resources compared to larger organizations.

The typical cost to a company following a data breach may reach $150 million by 2020. Your small business runs into major financial setbacks if you end up in this situation.

One reason that this figure is so high is that it takes 197 days for many companies to find out that their networks were compromised.

Protecting your perimeter is no longer enough to stop attacks, especially when attackers have dark web resources available to strengthen their attacks. Businesses need network security to protect against these cyberattacks. Before we dig into how the dark web impacts your business, check out our visual infographic below to help your get started.

Why Solid Network Security Includes Monitoring the Dark Web


Cybersecurity threats become more sophisticated every year.

In fact, cyber crime damage costs to hit $6 trillion annually by 2021.

The rise in cyber crime is making it difficult for companies to keep their networks safe. Businesses are no longer responsible for merely defending the perimeter and securing on-site servers and workstations.

The only solution is to create complex infrastructures to protect against cyber threats. And, that's why we provide network security solutions to secure your cloud, employee devices and IoT endpoints to protect your business against the dark web.

The average organization spends more than $11 million annually on protecting themselves from cyber threats.

How Identity Management Can Protect Your Business Network


Cybersecurity attacks are on the rise and companies big and small are vulnerable.

Hackers are using increasingly sophisticated attack strategies to breach sensitive corporate and consumer data.

Research conducted by the Identity Theft Resource Center (ITRC) found that of the 174 million records breached in 2017, 91.4 percent were the result of corporate database attacks.

How Businesses Can Protect Themselves Against the Dark Web


Understanding the dark web and the danger it poses to your business is crucial.

While most of us are familiar with the “surface web” like Google, Facebook, Amazon, and the countless other user-friendly, legitimate websites and search engines that most of us use every day, the internet is a much larger place than most people realize. Below the surface lies the “deep web” and within it, the dark web.

Within these hidden realms lie severe threats to your data, your clients' personally identifiable information (PII), and your company's intellectual property.

How to Protect Yourself from Spectre & Meltdown


From WannaCry to Heartbleed, hardly an industry was spared in 2017 as sensitive corporate and consumer data was fervently stolen by hackers.

Two new threats, known as Spectre and Meltdown, are different from those that dominated last year's headlines as they have not, as of yet, been exploited by hackers. With the information I'm going to provide, you'll be able to protect yourself and improve your network security efficiently.

Understanding How Network Security Reduces Costly Downtime

Each day more companies are transitioning to digital business models, which means unplanned network downtime becomes a more worrisome possibility.

As the business culture shifts, it is important for every member of an organization, even financial executives, to evaluate the technological risks, gain full understanding of network security, acknowledge its importance, and identify the fragility and vulnerability of their systems.

It is absolutely critical that best practices are implemented in order to protect your company from the costly risks and consequences of network downtime...

2016 Network Security Report: 93% of Phishing Emails Are Ransomware


You get an email. You carelessly open the attachment. You see a notice on your computer, politely phrased in spite of its hostile intent, telling you that your files are now encrypted, but you can get them back if you send a payment in Bitcoin to a specified wallet. Your network security has been breached. 

Network Security: The Top 5 Attacks We'll See in the Next Three Years

When discussing current network security threats, it can become so overwhelming that it's a challenge to hone in on one thing at a time. One thing's clear, though: the next few years are going to become a minefield when it comes to cyber threats for everyone. No matter if you're a business, or an individual working from home, you need awareness of what you'll be facing up through 2020.

2 Recent Network Security Threats You Never Thought Would Happen

Recent news of network security threats ranges from the very small to the very big, from local fast food franchises to the halls of Congress.

The Internet of Things: How it Impacts Workplace Network Security

You've likely read plenty about The Internet of Things (IoT) over the last few years and how it's already revolutionizing how we gain information and run technology. As with many new technologies, however, the excitement can frequently tuck away realities about network security. It wasn't until the last year or two when we finally woke up to the realization that a connected world is only going to increase the potential for security threats.

2016 Is A Ransomware Horror Show! Here's The New Roundup for Spring

There isn't any question that 2016 is a ransomware horror show, and we don't say this with any facetiousness. With ransomware being one of the most insidious pieces of malware out there, awareness is the only thing that can truly bring protection and network security.

Businesses Need Layered Security Approach to Prevent RANSOMWARE Attack

In 2013 the cyber-security community was caught off-guard as the now infamous CryptoLocker virus rapidly spread throughout the world via phishing attacks and so-called "drive-by downloads."

Colloquially known as "ransomware," viruses of this type encrypt a user's files and then demand payment in an anonymous digital currency such as Bitcoin in exchange for returning access to the user.

Network Security Threats: How Dangerous Will Ransomware Become?

Out of all current network security threats, it seems that ransomware is the most talked about since the beginning of the year. The most recent scare was the fact that ransomware reared its ugly head on Mac computers for the first time. While Mac users had it mostly thwarted, just the fact that it's gone this far is a measure of a dangerous evolution.

Cyber Security: IRS Warns About Widespread CEO Fraud W-2 Phishing Scam

The "IRS warns against widespread CEO fraud W-2 phishing scam" is perhaps a headline you've seen in the media lately, though didn't pay enough attention. In a time when it seems there's a cyber security story regarding a virus, phishing scam, or ransomware every day of the week, it's easy to miss something that could affect your own company.

First Ransomware Mac Virus: What it Means for Network Security

Ransomware has become the new term that brings a myriad headaches to companies whenever the word comes up and is a huge threat to a company's network security. As an ever-growing virus that allows a hacker to lock up a company's network, it's a new concept in technology kidnapping. In this case, the person behind the virus asks for a ransom to get your files back.  

Network Security Threats: What Should You Look Out For?

Trying to keep up with network security threats is a Herculean task sometimes when it seems new issues pop up every week. Many cyber threats continue to evolve into more malicious viruses and hacking concerns. While you may think some of these problems wouldn't bother a business, it ultimately affects all of us. Some network security threats out there could easily have ripple effects across a broad spectrum.

What Can Happen if Your Server is Compromised

A server crash can be detrimental on its own for a business. The situation is even worse if the server has been hacked or compromised. This means the server is no longer under the control of its rightful owners and is being exploited by a hacker.

There are several potential nightmares this can cause, but let’s start by discussing how a server compromise happens and which practices allow it to take place.

[Infographic] IT Security Statistics

How big of an issue is IT and Network Security in today's technological environment?

Take a look at this interesting infographic to discover some interesting statistics!

Top 5 Ways to Secure Your Network

Network security, whether at home or at the office, is of utmost importance. Guaranteeing that your network is safe from unauthorized access is difficult in today’s technologically complicated environment, but it is far from impossible. There are several ways to ensure that your data is safe, secure, and readily available to you whenever you need it.

Let’s talk about some ways that you can improve your network security so that your information, whether related to your business, family, or simply yourself, is protected without you having to spend a ridiculous amount of money or losing easy access to your data.

How To Know If Your Data Is Actually Safe

Deciding if your business or company data is safe or not safe requires more than just securing your data, it also means knowing which data to secure at what level. Protecting yourself has the potential to be expensive and time consuming, so you want the right network security plan for your company and data.

This article is intended to help you understand the different layers of data, CI terms and concept definitions, where the different data falls in the security scheme, and how to secure all of your data correctly.

Ebay is Hacked - What to Do

As of 2 days ago, Ebay was apparently hacked. Their worldwide security databases containing private user data has been compromised and the data could be stolen, however, financial information was not compromised.

New IE Security Issue  - What To Do

This last weekend there has been a new security issue with Microsoft Internet Explorer browser and the severity of issues that it can cause.

How to Secure Your Wi-Fi Connection in 5 Steps

Wi-fi and broadband services are the fastest and easiest ways to access the Internet from any location. They are used today around the world in coffee shops like Starbucks, inside the home and in business offices around the world.

When you are using these services from home or your office it is important to have encryption and at least some form of network security in place so that the system is not accessed from outside sources. Here's how you can do that...

How to Fix This Security Issue on your iPhone

Apple Inc is one of the best-known companies worldwide. Its diversified line of products and its aggressive marketing strategy has brought the company to the center of everyone’s attention many times. Its best known products are the Mac line of computers, the iPod media player, the iPhone Smartphones and the iPad tablet computers. Apple Inc managed to create a strong brand and gained a very large number of returning customers. Apple enthusiasts are known for camping in front of the company’s stores days before new products are launched in an attempt to be among the first to purchase them. Overall, Apple products are gaining popularity worldwide; in the last quarter of 2013 alone, Apple sold over 50 million iPhones and 26 million iPads worldwide, and registered record revenues and profits.

It came as a shock therefore when, on February 21st, Apple officials announced that they had discovered a problem with Apple Inc software.

Is Your Firewall Configured Correctly?

Here is a little article about firewalls for your network. Cisco, juniper, Sonicwall, Fortinet, Dlink, Netgear, Linksys- to name a few- are all providers of firewalls for various situations.

For your business you should really review with your IT company, or internal staff, what firewall you are using to protect your assets. Unfortunately a  lot of IT providers will put in a off the shelf consumer (home user) firewall for their business network.

"Yeah but they don't do much on their network other then sometimes surf around".

That is a common excuse IT providers use in explaining to their customers. It's possible they are not versed in network security, prosumer firewall products or the differences.

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