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A Comparison of Google Apps for Business and Microsoft Office 365

It’s time to ditch your bloated old business software solution. Today’s cutting-edge companies know that when it comes to creation, collaboration, storage, and more, nothing beats the cloud. Cloud services, which live online and get delivered on demand to employees’ machines, provide easy, scalable solutions for companies as small as one or as big as one thousand.

When it comes to cloud services, two major providers have cornered the market. There’s the up-and-coming G Suite (formerly known as Google Apps for Work), which boasts millions of customers. On the other side of the ring, there’s the pedigreed Microsoft Office 365, bringing its time-tested software suite up to the minute with cloud computing.

Which one is best for your business? We’ve provided a feature drill down to help you determine just that. To see which suite most closely matches your needs, read on.

Cloud Solutions: Why Google Apps for Work is Essential for a Startup

In the world of cloud solutions & services, you'll find myriad tools that can sometimes overwhelm in their variety. However, at the heart of the cloud is security and dependable storage to use during times of disaster. Complementing this are various other platforms that help a business function better.

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