Garett Chipman // CEO

Garett is an IT executive and entrepreneur with more than 20+ years in providing and designing business technology solutions.  Coming from the technical and CTO/management side of such companies as GRB Entertainment and AMG(Artist Management Group) he has implemented some of the industry’s most effective solutions to help produce efficient results.   He engaged with 100’s of vendors and thought during his CTO time and thought - Why not pass this methodology down the small and medium sized businesses? Why not provide enterprise solutions, for the SMB market at a fraction of the budget of hiring full time staff?  His entrepreneur side kicked in at that point. This is why he started TVG Consulting. Anybody can put equipment in, but it's the way one uses technology it making sure it a productive solution and does it make sense.  

Garett manages overall company decisions and operations for TVG and acts as TVG’s chief client design architect. Garett is acts as their clients strategic Virtual CIO which they include in their services.

Garett and his wife Clare live in Southern California with their 2 kids and are very active in their local non-profits and community driven causes.

"Attitude is everything. Skills are very important, but the right attitude can overcome huge obstacles." |  "Everything you want is on the other side of fear." 
What excites me?

That around every corner is a potential for a new opportunity in personal and business life.
Current Book:

Double Double
Odd thing about you:

Love horror movies and making my own beef jerky.

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Clare Chipman // CFO

20 years ago, Clare made her way to California from the Midwest & found success by helping companies in the Entertainment, Design & Food industries optimize all levels of workflow and increase profitability through systemization. She co-founded TVG in 2005 & oversees all Legal, Accounting, Human Resources & partner relationships. Clare truly believes that technology shouldn’t be standing in the way of the success of a company.
“….and the truth shall make you free” John 8:32
What excites me?
Clare is a 5-day-a-week indoor cycler. (At 6:00am!)
What book are you currently reading?
Something profound
Odd thing about you:
Clare really enjoys & thrives with routine.


George Bell // Helpdesk Manager

George has over 25 years in the IT industry working in the medical research, non-profit and corporate sectors. He has served in many capacities, from bench technician to IT manager. After joining TVG Consulting, he gained valuable expertise in virtual technologies, Microsoft technologies and VOIP telecommunications. His career goals include obtaining additional IT certifications in order to offer a full range of solutions and the best quality support possible to customers. “Many customers see IT as intimidating, costly and frustrating whereas I find it fun to solve technical challenges. But to just solve the problem is not enough. It is important to building relationships and engage them around the solution so that they at least they feel comfortable and empowered.”
“Spend no more than 5 minutes on a 5 minute problem”
What excites me?
I get a thrill when customers see technology actually making their lives easier rather than more difficult
The Far Side, by Gary Larson, because I like how he uses animals to show how ridiculous we humans can sometimes be.
Odd thing about you:
I used to enjoy oil painting nature scenes (and as soon as my children all move out, I'm' going to get back to it).